Monday, October 18, 2010

First post. Wewt

Hey everyone, being as this is my first post ill just let everyone know where im at as far as making a diet and routine.

Quick disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form a professional in health and fitness, this is just info picked up from various sources including medical, diet, and exercise websites, friends and forums.

With that said this is where I'm at now. Jump back about 2 years and I was probably in the worst shape of my life. i ate McDonalds every other day and polished off about 6 cans of coke daily. Had horrible indigestion every night and the only exercise I got was in gym class (basically nothing)

Fast forward a bit and about a year ago i was considering taking pills for my indigestion when instead I found out that coke-a-cola is a huge factor in my problem so i cut it out completely. Fast forward to new years of last year and i kicked fast food also.

So here I am now, its been almost a year without both fast food and soda and I've already seen great results. but I'm nowhere near happy with where I'm at. So began researching diet and exercise routines and have finally started working my way to having a decent body.

Alot of people I came across in my research said keeping a record of your bodies changes is a very big part of losing weight and building muscle. So here i am, what better what to keep track of everything then to start a blog about it :D

PS. this kinda dragged on longer than I thought so ill put my current diet and exercise routine in the next post


  1. nice, ive been starting to workout aswell. hopefully we can share tips with each other!

  2. yeah i am on what they call a caveman diet, between that and a routine ive built over the years i am in the best shape of my life...just eating fast food now makes my stomach ache

  3. I know what you mean, after kicking it for so long taking a sip of coke is disgusting to me. wayyyy to sweet

  4. After a life changing event I too have had to make a drastic change in my lifestyle feels good to healthy for once in my life.