Monday, October 18, 2010

As Promised

Not enough room in the last post for this

Anyways here's the schedule I'm fallowing now:

For my workout I found a starting strength workout that is a different take on a classic, proven starting work out

From what I've heard people see the biggest gains/body changes right when they start working out. So far I'm loving the difference I can see on myself. although small I'ts only been  3 weeks and have lost a noticeable amount of weight so I'm hoping that keeps up for a while :P

Due to what I've heard about muscle memory I'm going to stick to the starting strength workout for three months. For those of you who don't know muscle memory is what happens when a person repeats the same exercise routine for an extended period of time. You muscles eventually "remember" the movements and therefore your gains slow down and eventually stop. Therefore even though im not 100% sure yet im moving on to the superhero program next. (found here)

For diet im still very mixed up on alot of things. I've been looking into alot of things and been asking alot of advice but always seem to get mixed messages. Anyway heres what I am sure of for now:

For breakfast I have one scoop of protein shake mix (shown above, recommended by a good friend) in skim milk with half a banana and half a cup of oats.

For dinner I try to mix half lean meat such as skinless chicken or lean beef with half vegetables (broccoli, spinach)

20 Mins before bed i have half a cup of cottage cheese, the reason for this is that cottage cheese and greek yogurt have very slow burning proteins so your body can use it throughout the entire night to repair your muscle

lunch and anything in between is up in the air for now so as you can see i have a long way to go there. I just try to eat healthy.

So as far as diet i have a long way to go, but this is where I'm at now and I'm constantly learning and improving with what i know. part of why I made my progress sheet into a blog is so I can get opinions along the way and ultimately get the best results possible

I'll start putting weekly progress pics up sometime next week. until then I'll keep  Changing my diet.

First post. Wewt

Hey everyone, being as this is my first post ill just let everyone know where im at as far as making a diet and routine.

Quick disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form a professional in health and fitness, this is just info picked up from various sources including medical, diet, and exercise websites, friends and forums.

With that said this is where I'm at now. Jump back about 2 years and I was probably in the worst shape of my life. i ate McDonalds every other day and polished off about 6 cans of coke daily. Had horrible indigestion every night and the only exercise I got was in gym class (basically nothing)

Fast forward a bit and about a year ago i was considering taking pills for my indigestion when instead I found out that coke-a-cola is a huge factor in my problem so i cut it out completely. Fast forward to new years of last year and i kicked fast food also.

So here I am now, its been almost a year without both fast food and soda and I've already seen great results. but I'm nowhere near happy with where I'm at. So began researching diet and exercise routines and have finally started working my way to having a decent body.

Alot of people I came across in my research said keeping a record of your bodies changes is a very big part of losing weight and building muscle. So here i am, what better what to keep track of everything then to start a blog about it :D

PS. this kinda dragged on longer than I thought so ill put my current diet and exercise routine in the next post